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trevor bragdon

Founder, Rockwood Solutions

Trevor helps nonprofit leaders and organizations increase their impact and persuasion. Trevor’s unique science-backed approach applies his study of behavioral sciences with his extensive experience working on over 65 political campaigns. He has executed innovative experiments to allow clients to effectively reach target audiences for maximum results.

Trevor has a MSc in Behavioral Science at the London School of Economics. Trevor’s specializes in memorable framing and clarity for complex ideas. 

He has previously worked as the Deputy National Director of Voter Registration for Americans for Prosperity, the Policy Director for the Maine Speaker of the House and launched the Maine state chapter for Americans for Prosperity.

Contact beulah  e-mail: cell: 207.478.2177

Contact beulah

cell: 207.478.2177

Beulah Toth

Persuasive Marketing Copywriter & Designer

Beulah helps clients persuasively communicate their vision, tell a story, and change minds through powerful copy and design.

Her experience testing marketing messages across a wide variety of platforms and industries gives her a unique framework to transform even the most complex mumbo jumbo into clear, simple messaging that sticks. Whether digitally or in print, Beulah brings together punchy copy and eye-catching design tailored to reach and influence the target audience. 

Prior to joining Rockwood, Beulah worked at various marketing agencies with B2B, B2C, government, nonprofit and restaurant/hospitality clients. Beulah has degrees in International Business and Marketing from Liberty University and lives in Purcellville, Virginia with her two favorite people: her husband Tom and 4 year-old daughter Evangeline.


jennifer faith

Digital Platform Manager, Research

Jennifer is an expert leveraging and integrating technology platforms and helps create compelling digital content for Rockwood Solutions clients.

A jack of all trades and a subject matter expert in any technology platform she puts her hand to, Jen is a integral part of the Rockwood Solutions team.

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